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The Coxford Singlish Dictionary

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When placed before any word, it turns it into the negative. The Hokkien equivalent of "not" or "un".  Thus, "Boh Chup" is the negative of "Chup", and "Boh Chee" means not to have any "Chee".

Hakka for Mm Tzai Si
See also: Mm Tzai Si  

BOH BEH CHOW  (Contributed by Kevin)
Hokkien term which literally translates as "no horse running". It is used to describe something or someone which/who is so exceptionally good that there's no competition.
"Wah lau eh, that chio bu really boh beh chow man! Si peh tok kong ah!"

BOH CHEE  (Contributed by AA)
Hokkien for "no balls".
"Eh, like dat also don'ch dare try. He damn bo chee, lah."
See also: Boh Lum Par Chee  

BOH CHIAK PNG  (Contributed by Henry Tan)
Literally, Hokkien for "have not eaten rice".  Used to describe someone as physically weak.
"Wah lau, like that also cannot carry! You boh chiak png, ah?"

Nonchalant; relaxed; phlegmatic. Can be used as both adjective and verb.
1. “He’s very boh chup about his work.”
2. “Aiyah, boh chup him, lor.”

Hokkien term literally meaning "not free". Used to convey how busy you are.
"Go East Coast to swim? Boh eng lah!"
See also: Mana Ooh Eng?  Chia'h Sior Eng  

A Hokkien proverb which translates as "If there are no fish, prawns are just as good." It is unclear if this is a statement said in resigned acceptance of one's second choices, or if it is a cheerfully pragmatic way of dealing with situations where you do not get what you originally intended. Perhaps both.
"You couldn't get tickets to the Anita Mui concert, so you bought us seats for the Bukit Pantat Community Centre Angklong Orchestra Performance? I guess boh her hae mah ho."

BOH HEW/DON'T HEW  (Contributed by Henry Tan)
Hokkien for "don't give a damn".  It's not entirely clear what "hew" translates to on its own, but it's invariably used in the negative.
1. "Aiyah, this small-small thing, just boh hew, can oreddy."
2. "It's not worth fighting him over this sort of thing.  Don't hew him, better."

See also: Boh Chup  

Hokkien for "nobody wants", meaning "useless".
"This sort of free gift, boh lang ai, one lah."

BOH LIAO  (Contributed by AA)
Hokkien for "nothing better to do". Dangerously idle. In Mandarin, it's "wuliao".
"What for he go and do that sort of thing? Must be damn bo liao."

BOH LUI  (Contributed by Yong Kuan)
Hokkien phrase literally meaning "no money". Commonly heard from students, NSmen, and people aspiring to Murchidis Bendzes.
'Eh, tonight cannot treat you all to karaoke. I boh lui liao!'

BOH LUM PAR CHEE  (Contributed by Sian Tao Ong)
Hokkien for "no testicles/balls/guts", it is used to admonish someone for being a coward.
"You don't dare print this Lexicon entry, you boh lum par chee."
See also: Boh Chee  

Hokkien for "Can't do anything about it" or "No choice."
"Must pay cover charge. This one boh pian one."

BOH SAY  (Contributed by AA)
Hokkien phrase meaning "doesn't have the look".
That kind also can be occifer ah? Damn boh say, leh!"
See also: Ooh Say  

BOH TAH BOH LUM PAR  (Contributed by Woogie)
Literally, Hokkien for "If it's not dry, you've got no balls." A dare given to someone to drink up something unpleasant.
"You say you can tahan spicy food?  Then drink that whole bowl of laksa, lah! Boh tah, boh lum par!"

Hokkien for "Nothing's the matter" or "nothing's wrong".
"Here everything boh tai ji, why you itchy backside come and listurb?"

Hokkien for "no schooling".
"You ah, boh tak chek one, how can get cheng hu kang?"

Hokkien term which literally translates as, "no head no tail", meaning "incomprehensible".
"Wah lau eh, that movie was damn boh tau bo buay."

A Hokkien term literally meaning, “to lack governance”. Means lawlessness or chaotic.
“Wah, boss go on leave, this whole place boh tseng hu orreddy.” (With the boss on leave, the office is without control.)

BOH TUA BOH SUAY  (Contributed by Sian Tao Ong)
Hokkien phrase literally meaning "no big, no small". Used to admonish someone for not knowing his place. Famously used by PM Goh Chok Tong in a National Day Rally speech.
"You talk like that to your father? Si noong kia! Damn boh tua boh suay!"

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